With Outreach promo pricing. (Offer ends 31/12/’19)

1. French language Tutoria.
Learn to speak, read, write and teach french language.(Premium Class $50/#20,000)

2. Professional Video Editing/mp4 video Poduction.
(Premium Class $5/#1,800)

3. Convertion of audio/voice record into mp3.(Free Class)

4. Website Set-up, Customization and Design without Code.
(Premium Class #5/$1,800)

5. Programming; (100% code writing with phone, for standarded professional website development of any kind.
(Premium Class with a Guest Tutor $20/#7,000)

6. Graphics design with mobile phone; coreldraw. (Premium Class $5/#1,800)

7. Conversion of Text to PDF. (Free Class)

8. Conversation of Website to Mobile App.
(Premium Class with a Guest Tutor $2/#600)

9.More free and premium classes coming soon.